Looking Glass

Im a god fearing woman
Envisioning the World thru a looking glass
Im seeing
The destruction of our Nations
Ppl changing faces
Misplacing the basics w complicated equations
Niggas using tasers to shock the country but it dont phase it
Everyone owns a gun
Blasting faces changing pavements
This is our World
is hell on earth or is
Why we still Mixing Obama w osama
Don’t Worry Ill be patient
Pay attention to the picture i Am painting
U blaming him why he is blaming u
Both sides at fault
Who needs weed u Both on them bath salts…Sipping on Malts popping molly’s society is a fucking cult
somehow few survive all the Government
Lies…the homless Mans cries
The sick trying to survive
Why ya neighbors try to Pry
Mind ya business…
Let me collect my thought Im talking real is
The Man w no shoes but dope in his pocket…the woman on trial as the clerk reads the docket…Jury w the verdict Damn yal thought this realm was perfect
We so emersed in the society of dreams but this World aint Really What it seams…Screams From the mother who lost her Baby to a feen
An addiction friction pictures dont Seems to explain the fixture…cant crack the code its cryptic…all the cultures who knew the mixture was a facade…all the colors a collage
Different races all equal blacks in the white House whites in the crack House Man how funny is god
My mother told me to Write
So i Wrote…spoke the the actuality of this World Its ego i stroke…Man made coke white substance cooked up and u Still po…destroying her veins thinking we easing the Pain Really just getting by staying tamed…u trying to Live for the fortune and fame…no One is sane…TV reporting not credible lame…Church saying he is coming back he is already hére he came…so When u Choose to open ur eyes and realize jesus never died and his father is the reason why this World One Day will demise…dont cry Live life no need to survive if u right u already read the guide keeps ur soul alive…



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