laying out history
nothing is a mystery
enigmatic dreams
let me give you a glimpse of her story
cause this is for me than me
i listen to the streets here the words of her heart beats
listen to the world how she spins
i cringe to the thought of us diminishing in the end
we are our own self destruction…when do we supersede the greed…free the slavery we see…nine to five are for the ones that couldn’t be…seen pupils looking for things more than…more than…more than rich and the fame…we want to come but the world came first…we are so engulf in the existence of us than what is beyond this world…only to realize that the world is a girl that came o us…..we trust lust…lust of the money…lust of success…lust of validation…lust is a must in this realm scary how we wont survive but we supply the fate of our own demise the cries watch how friendships divide, subtract the facts and we left with one…ourselves is the equal to the sum…greatness is on the brinks we only begun…skout first in the end we already won equivalent to entering the kingdom
you not ready for this..I’m speaking real
krushing on these words turning the wheels sealing the deal
see this worlds demons they surface and appeal
to the weak who cant really feel
i choose to feed my mind climb the vines i learn from time
this world so filled with crime but you robbing yourself
if you cant look inside and find you blind
the truth beneath this earthly grounds
sounds of the explosiveness got you turned around
frowns bound by locked down…its all an illusion
its realities delusion


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