The dwelling


I refuse to support the prostitute of the new slaves
future same as the past it ain’t change
Lies cried our world divide
Seems Like everday somebody is always dying before their time
she’s birthing somthing

White Asians calling black faces niggas
black shades calling pigments transparent crackers
accented voices shifting through the masses
all common denominators factors to the fractions
she’s birthing something

he sits on his thrown
Creating something masterful
devils sifting through us recreating being tactfuls
not realizing we lacking the skills that are practical
everything fake nothing’s factual
she’s birthing somthing

I weep for the kind that’s human
Why do anything when we already doing less than nothing
too hard to be different
too hard to do something
Why do we need a flood
when we wiping out each other
love a 4 letter word but none of us lovers
hovers darkness is coming unless we change our mental thinking
stop pulling over the covers
Shes Birthing something

morals sinking
loyalty a figment
past recreating future
so cynical
voting still a issues shits backwards
gays fighting for the same rights
no ones equal
our people
open ur eyes we walking on pebbles that are feeble
she’s birthing something

prize a reward for the winners
Moist eyes for the sinners
evil sucking us dry
World getting thinner
she birthing something

Don’t let my spectacular vernacular
Scare u my dialogue is actual
Educating you with this world bacteria
We all are inferior
Just look in the mirror
She’s birthing something

From her womb
the rights of passage have been revoked
a still born be cause each moment on this earth we provoke
being so lifeless mother suffers from a stroke
left with the placenta the piece we toss we throw

The world birthed something
That something the unknown
Can we still evolve?


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