The Dwelling: After Birth


3 zZz are Like kkk
2 sons and father
Its my thoughts
Something i had to say
I Wont speak his ñame
Cause that fuels the unwarranted fame
News of a Child slain
Voices in a silent game
Ill yell fire in a open building
Cause society in flames
Screams from the poor
The Rich to Blame
Wake up shit cant stay the same

they will try to cut your mic
But we must continue to drag on
These sentence
Making past tense the present
Writing out black feelings closed by a white fence

My pen wrote the dwelling
That was the prequel to this sequel
United we stand but divided we fall blacks are the ones that still crawl

How black is black when my skin is brown my ancestors wore crowns
But it was the whites that kept us bound and we keep our selves from being profound
I won’t lay down without making a sound
Martin, Malcolm,Betty Shabazz
Why did they fight
what was the cause if out society keeps us locked up behind bars

Society labels us the Uncle Tom and the buck
Damn don’t that just sound fucked up
We laugh at fried chicken and watermelon jokes
We are the ones got our race dying of a stroke

United we stand divided we fall
Equal liberties blinded by the mask of when we can’t adhere to the call

Im only militant cause i been to
too many vigils
standing in awe
Vigilante killers, killing off black off sprung
Swollen lungs, hearts hung
damn son
How far did we really come

Moving the clutter
So i can Think
Moving the waters
So i swim clear of all fears
Angered tears drop cause our hearts seared
Scorched by ignorance past
Burned by what could be later
maybe sooner
Brown faces turned to pewter
Is this what they had in mind when they fought For the future…




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