Love Drunk


I support u
Because u support us
Together our Love is more than lust
comomm trust
I dismiss u
Cause u dimiss us
Together we diminish each other
Dishonor over loyal
I’m crushed
all the arguing
Abusing love
this situation is a bust
Amusing how we thought it would last
Now I look back and laugh
The love was a joke
U broke the egg
I bled the yoke
Stroked poked feelings got my eyes soaked
Driving fast
Love drunk
License revoked
I loved you with my heart
U were heaven sent the most
I have to Stop tinkering with the past
Clouds the future
Relationship to surpass
it went fast
Ended w my Heart in a cast
Love Vast i was the captain
Heart didnt understand the mast
Now alone
Are u my imagination
Or a figment From the past
Cause this is the present
Moving on
Jump with no fears
Swim far u near u
Reach out
I’m here
I’ll drive and stear
Love with no care
Those scars will heal
See through the mirror
That pain seared
Transparent tears
Laughing appeals
To the one who feels
Can’t stop now
They turning the wheels
The impression on the mind
Can’t stop time
Moving in silence
Can’t see me
Propelling forward
Only looking back if I choose
to find the past that didn’t last
I loose
The Sight of the fight that made me so strong
How I longed
And now I understand
This love was wrong


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