WordKrush Fashion Vernacular With D.Witherspoon: Lupita Nyong’o

By: Desiry Witherspoon

” Figure out what your purpose is on this world and then do it and do it to excellence; no matter what it is, whether it’s being a janitor or a doctor, as long as you’re filling your life’s purpose then we’re good.”
-Lupita Nyong’o


This quote keeps ringing in my head as I wash my short curly black hair and think of the African beauty Lupita Nyong’o currently living out her dreams of being an actress. I could feel her aurora even through the media and bright lights, the realness, humbleness and education, I could feel it all. This young educated woman-gaining recognition by winning an Oscar along with many other awards for her phenomenal performance in 12 years a slave. I watch her smooth skin and well-poised demeanor capture the hearts of everyone in the audience and at home as the Internet goes in an uproar about how this African Queen is touching our hearts and defining what the true definition of beauty is. I feel captured by her smile and cute shaped shaved head and I feel proud and uplifted by her glow and I yearn to learn more.

To be honest I have yet to watch “12 years a slave” because movies like those touch your soul by painting a graphic yet personal visuals of a painful history. But as I watch Lupita looking like a goddess in her baby blue deep double V-neck dress walk up to accept her first Oscar it hits me that I must watch this movie. Her stylist is on point with the color tones that accents her skin never over powering her true beauty. Lupita carries the colors she wears they don’t carry her“ She’s wearing the clothes, the clothes aren’t wearing her. Innocence and grace is written all over her face flowing down to her toes as she confidently falls into her craft.

“When failure is an option then sky is the limit,” she says during one of her interviews as she notably paves the way for young beauties around the world. With each appearance Lupita makes fashionistas worldwide go mad and her designer outfit with a heavy price tag sells out quickly.




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