Word Krush Alert: SchoolBoy Q “Oxymoron” Review


By: Powe Andre

It’s a beautiful thing when a highly anticipated album lives up to the enormous hype surrounding it. The culture seems to be bubbling with intense excitement and the weeks leading up to the release feels like what can only be described as heaven on earth. Its what true hip hop heads live for. Top Dawg Entertainment is quickly becoming the heart and soul for what hip hop started out to be and what it needs to be. With a early championship run from Kendrick Lamars good kid mad city, one can only expect similar aspirations with the now number one album in the country by Quincy Hanley better known as SchoolBoy Q.


I suppose following a album that the general public deemed a “classic” can have its positives and negatives respectively. On one hand SchoolBoy Q has some gigantic shoes to fill given the success of his label mates debut collection of extremely dope material. On the other hand what better way to gauge your own rookie LP then to stack it up next to Kendrick Lamars? Either way SchoolBoy Q dosent seem to be concerned with the logistics which has actually worked out in his favor, in my opinion.


The fact that he stays in his own pocket of creativity is a valuable yet risky maneuver given todays market of follow the leader artist. He was also blessed to be apart of a label that encourages people to step out of the box. 95% of artist simply don’t have that freedom and its clear that SchoolBoy Q has his own stylistic approach with out restraint in “Oxymoron”.



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