Word Krush Alert: Rick Ross “Mastermind” Review

By: Powe Andre


Rick Ross has grown tremendously since his first album “Port of Miami” was released in 2006. Fast forward 8 yrs and five more albums later he delivers his most prolific album to date with Mastermind. What Mastermind lacks in overall subject matter, he makes up for with a superb ability to select engaging production and excellent feature placements. Ross did not disappoint this time around by delivering a solid gangster rap album sticking to the content that we have all come to expect from him. His execution was borderline flawless. He has mastered the “album roll out” with a Cinematic approach that leaves you feeling like you just purchased a blockbuster movie. With album artwork from famous artist Thierry Guetta (bka Mr. Brainwash), a tour with his band 1500 or nothing and countless video blogs, Ross seems to b more than just a rapper, he feels like a movie star.


With his 5th number one album to date and his maybach music group steadily growing, It dosent seem like Rick Ross will be slowing down anytime soon. And why should he? His dominance is well deserved. With no end in sight it’s safe to say that Mastermind is another must have project from Ricky Rozay.



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