Image Captured by the beautiful free spirit of cool calm collected, fashion maven, Mother, Singer, Song writer, record label owner, DJ & Creative/Art director of Puma Solange ( Sol Angel) Knowles. I scroll through her Tumblr in awe of her individualism displayed through her life filled with fashion, vacations, family and music. Whether she’s kicking it with her girls, in one of her Iconic Sister’s videos, walking Julez to school or out on the town for a dope event her attire is always note worthy. “I have always been drawn to interesting pieces and colors, but I didn’t quite know how to limit myself and make those statement pieces work.” She states when it comes to talking about fashion and how she chooses to dress. solange-knowles Who else other than Solange would pull up in front of Opening Ceremony on a Sunday in New York City rocking a dope ensemble with a matching Lamborghini Murcielago in tow decorated by Rashaad Newsome for the release of a complication record off her own Independent label called Saint Records. images-7 Emerald green feathers, neon orange nail polish, coral pinkish backgrounds, pleated skirts, solid royal blue oversized crew neck and an old school red Volkswagen beetle; Were present for the funky “Girls of Blaze affair” photo-shoot/video. Solo’s (Solange) love for print, pattern and color livens up the Iconic Disc shoe, which is originally made for men, but has been remixed by the new Creative consultant and Art director of Puma fashionista Queen Solange Knowles. Retailing at $150, the “Girls of Blaze” comes with a dust bag and is far from boring. Collaborating with New York City creatives Hisham Baroocha , Gerlan Jeans, and William Okpo to generate three different styles available exclusively at Opening Ceremony. images-10 images-6 images-4 images-8 I will definitely try to get my hands on a pair of the Brazil inspired collection. Personally I am loving the PUMA x Solange Disc Collection DISC WOMEN’S TIRE SNEAKERS by Gerlan Jeans.

From the cover of Harpers Bazzar to Being featured on the cover of Essence Magazine I would say that Solo’s bold electric style has made a way into our hearts.

Best Regards,

    D. Witherspoon





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