After the first weekend of Coachella we are ready to see what the fashion will bring this weekend for round two.


Coachella brings out fashion, musicians, models, modern day hippies, rides, artist, photographers & great eateries. It’s that type of party where you bring out your Crazy, Sexy yet cool sense of style and of course rock out to some of your favorite artist while letting loose and truly enjoying the vibes of the music. Outkast, oversized floating space suit, Pharrell, Solange, Teepee tents, Beyonce, Jhene Aiko, Ferris wheels, beer, Jay Z, girls in short shorts, Nas, fashion, & food trucks all collide for the music & arts festival that respectfully, represents the true beginning of spring and summons the cream of the crop when it comes to music festivals. Many genres of music are present along with art installations and sculptures. Fashionista’s flaunt their coolest outfits and jewels. It’s a playground for fashion photographers, music and artist to become one and just kick it.



Young Queen Kendall held it down in an all black everything fit. Sporting a sexy yet chic long lace kimono, crop top, black fringe shorts, completed with bindi face wear across her forehead. This look has a goddess feel that I’m completely digging on her. This is what street style at Coachella is about! My inner summer goddess will be embracing fits similar to this sexy, chic, comfy yet stylish look. Knock em’ dead Kenny!



What’s a music festival without creative spirit Solo (Solange). The songstress rocked a bright Orange playsuit complimented with a huge curly fro and bangs. Solo and Bey kept everyone wishing they were right there with them sipping beer, rocking grills and dope fits while dancing with the crème de la crème. Solo hoped on stage to perform “Losing you’, and had the crowd swaying to her angelic lyrics. Queen Bey comes out on stage bursting with Joy and joins her sister. Causing the crowd to go wild as they do a synchronized dance.




Today, Good Friday, starts weekend number two for the music festival, bring on the Pocohantas Pink tails, flower child dresses, new age Woodstock fashion, and warm colors for a warm spring. WordKrush will definitely keep an eye out for the Fashion vernacular!

Best Regards,

D. Witherspoon


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