Fashion Vernacular: V Magazine X Madonna X Katy Perry


How many times would you climax a day if you had two sexy women acting out their wildest desires in front of you?


V Magazine’s summer issue brings forward two visually stimulating women of Pop. The one and only Madonna and eclectic Katy Perry. Madonna’s deepest sexual desires may not be vocalized, but visually this woman stimulates your mind and captivates you with her eyes, drawing you into leave you yearning for more.



From a young age I understood her sexual energy, and always loved her demeanor. The Queen of POP has always kept it sexy on and off the camera, but now is heating up the fashion magazine with Ms. Perry for the Summer issue of V magazine. Which I’m sure was cake for the icon and most likely she accepted the challenge with pleasure. Age is clearly nothing but a number and Madonna is the epitome of fine wine. Be sure to get your copy, which came out on newsstands Memorial Day! WordKrush definitely won’t miss this!




Best Regards,

– @Desiredcitygirl 😘


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