Fashion Vernacular Fridays: Diaries of a Fashionista: DesiredCityGirl

Photography: Parana Studio

Hi everyone! My name is Desiry Witherspoon aka Des, Dee, Desi, Desire, or Dee Dee. I was born in Queens, New York and I’ve lived in florida for 16 years. So half New Yorker/ Floridian, the best of both worlds, from the concrete jungle to the sunshine state. I’m call my self a Trini-Ameri mix infusing my Trinidadian side with my American side. I am very much in-touch with both sides and cultures. I am inspired by traveling, photography, beautiful and creative souls and fashion of course. My style is inspired by every and anything honestly, I feel that fashion is what you make it to be. There aren’t any wrong doings in my opinion when your creative with what you wear. My mother has to be one of my biggest influences due to her fearless demeanor when it came to the way she dressed. I hope that you guys enjoy the fashion post I bring to and I thank B.E & DJ MK for allowing my girly ways to grace such a dope site.

Photography: Chamber Photography

Best Regards,
D. Witherspoon


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