Mesh clothing instantly reminds me of the Caribbean, recognized amongst the Islands as a string vest. The Cool breeze, palm trees, and a ice cold Shandy (flavored beer soda) takes me back to my pre teens when I took notice that the rude boys rocked fish net tank tops. There would be an extra bounce in my boy cousins step as they wore their mesh tank. Visually I found it stimulating and from that point it was deemed as the cool way to feel the summer breeze.


Flash forward to summer 14′ and the Mesh tank is still functioning strong, I’m still totally Krushing on this look yet again, taking me back to the long summers I spent observing the Trinidadian style.


There is no doubt in my mind now that the breeze you feel through the material isn’t strictly for your pleasure, harmonizing summer with fashion. Versace got the memo when it came to showing Yoncé’s gangsta persona opening act ski mask, which she rocked along with her dancers. I appreciate the fabric and the look it brings to ones wardrobe. Especially the rude boy/gyal look. If it tickles your pickle definitely give it a try this summer or on your next vacation.


Currently rocking to this tune by the beautiful Toian.

Dairies of a Fashionista,


Best Regards,
D. Witherspoon


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