The command, the presence, the beat of each note in my throat as I anticipate each word that was utter from her mouth. To have an outer body experience is a testament to watch concert goers around me stunned to see the Legendary Ms. Lauryn Hill, L.boogie herself. To be apart of the experience, I couldn’t blink, with fear I would miss the roles she plays, almost like a theatrical display.

Lauryn Hill commands the stage, orchestrates her band, leads her background singers, while concurrently zeroing on her purpose for the night, her instrument, the voice. As she belts out her famous lyrics from her musical category over recreated combinations of up tempo arrangements, restored with changed melodies and harmonies, L.boogie reinvigorated the songs we all loved from her “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” album, keeping her audience engaged with what more than revelations of raw, organic, natural, against the grain music. To know Lauryn is to love her.

During her 2002 Unplugged performance in MTV Studios in Time Square, Hill states “ Every single one of these songs is about me first, there was period of time i was just out, just gone from the public, and I came to terms with the fact I created a public persona a public illusions and it held me hostage, I couldn’t be a real person because your too afraid of what your public will say. and at that point I had to do some dying and really accept the fact, hey look this is who I am, I have to be who I am, and all of us have the right to be who we are, and where ever we submit our will, our will is a gift it is given to us, when we submit our will to some else opinion, apart of us dies.” This quote resonated in my mind as I watch the lion that she sings about in the song “Conquering Lion”, gain the victory, to live a hard life trapped by lives demons.

I learned that when you fall down to get back up and stand on a stage and have eyes pierce you to witness the strength was a testimony i was blessed to bear witness. Critics will always find negative flaws in performance but the bravery to stand against them, it was truly the “freedom time” she preaches, she lives, and she moves on through life. `



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