WK Alert: Rolling Stones Films presents “RICK WAS HERE”…

old ricky

“There is no coincidence to the D.J. in Def Jam records.” In 1984, in the infant stages of Hip Hop, Rick Ruben began building one of the most influential records labels of all time, out of his New York University dorm room. Marking the 30 year anniversary of Def Jam, he visits the same dorm room where it all began for the first time.

The film presented by MaggieVision Productions and directed by Josh Swade, pictorially takes you step by step time lining what was created inside his tiny NYU dorm room in the wonder years of Def Jam. Ruben explains removing his bed to make room for two desks that he congested with DJ equipment, vinyl records and a sound systems. He goes on to explain working his first record with Jazzy Jay, connecting with Russell Simons and becoming the DJ for the Beastie Boys. His intent was to create records that sounded like the raw performances he heard in clubs and parties in NYC during the early eighties. The legacy that is Rick Ruben is one of a “do it yourself” attitude, relentless work ethic and extreme focus. He undoubtedly is one of the best record producers and music influencers of our time.




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