Yonce All On Our Mouths Like 7/11 Slurpee’s

Yonce has effortlessly been the lone artist to wake up and make a music video that’s currently rolling in seven MILLION worth of views. We over here at WordKrush have analyzed and dissected every part of her video just for pure recreation and it’s absolutely genius. As if Beyonce isn’t already a showstopper, I’m sure the earth stopped spinning when she dropped this low budget masterpiece. No hair, no makeup. Just ass, props and her girl, Beyonce is once again taking her well-deserved throne; she is QUEEN. The music video for “7/11” is absolutely captivating in every aspect. One of the two songs released from Bey’s upcoming Platinum Edition, self titled album, is the dance song soon to take over every aspect of the flawless lives of Bey fans. From Blue Ivy’s split second cameo, to the abundance of red solo cups, it’s nearly impossible to refrain from watching the video seven million times! See it here, smack it here!


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