WK: Joey BadA$$’s “B4 Da $$” Album to release this Month and he reminisces on Manger, Junior BFly

Right before the Holidays, the Pro Era family suffered a loss. Junior B, of the Pro Era camp, passed away after battling injuries from a tragic car accident in Orlando Florida.


Our WordKrush family was sad to hear of the loss, after meeting Junior B and the Pro Era family during their stop in Orlando for the “B4 Da $$” show. Here are a few words from WK’s Nicollette:

“I look over in my passenger seat and I still see you sitting there with your cup of tea in both hands, in your red plaid jacket and all black as usual; ranting on how I needed to turn the heat up. It’s snowing and I can hear you now, “I hate the freaking cold.” I can’t help but think the plan was already in motion for your return to our Father. He gave me one last chance to say all that needed to be said and to hear all that needed to be heard. Our conversation held a substance it hadn’t before. We spoke about everything under Williamsburg’s moonlight. I looked at you and could see the excitement in your eyes when you spoke about the tour, the new office, and Shipes’ new crib. I can still look over and hear you and think to myself that I wanted to be everything you were in the female form. I admired you so much, I still do. I look over at my passenger seat and I hear you tell me “don’t give me that look, please don’t look at me like that.” I can still feel your hand in my hair and your thumb on my chin and the warmth of your energy, I can reach out and try to pull the grey hairs out your head. Those that I learned to appreciate because you were young and wise way beyond your time. I can look over and see you nodding your head to Drake on hot 97. I can look over and smile and hear you ask me why do I keep smiling. And as I’ve traveled through my mind, grasping on the memories, some vivid and some hazy, what you’ve embedded into my heart and in my soul, is a visual of honesty, hard work, passion and purpose. I’ve sat back these past couple of hours and took in all the things people have said about you and some I can relate to, some I cannot and it’s clear to me everyone you’ve ever encountered has a little piece of you that no one else could have or comprehend. The piece of you that I hold onto cannot be put in words, no matter how many times I have tried. I can’t say we had the most perfect friendship. I’m sorry I didn’t make it to see you before you had to let go, I thought I had more time. I’m sorry I was mad at you that day. I will never forgive myself for my last words. I don’t think I’ll ever find the closure I need, but I find comfort in knowing that if I could hear you speak you’d tell me “fix your face, I’m not playing with you.” You gave me so much hope Junior. From hearing how much you’ve progressed after your accident, hope for the New Year. #B4D4$$ was tough for me and though you never wanted to promise me anything, you promised me #AfterD4$$. You gave me hope. This just isn’t fair. I’ve been waiting for you to come home all this time and you never made it back and I’m feeling so many emotions I’ve never felt and I’m reading into all the little things I never paid attention to before and I’m trying to put pieces together and I’m looking for peace that you’ve found peace. They say you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone, but I knew what I had in you since the day I met you. No matter where you were in the world, you never let a day go by that I didn’t hear from you. Now you’re somewhere out there and I’m looking to the heavens and to the skies for signs that you’re soul is intact. I’m sure I’ll find the answers some day. Today is not that day, but as you requested, I’ll stay down, forever and ever. Until we meet again…


P.S. Look what Joey & the team did! You helped make every ounce of it happen. I’m so proud of you. You can rest now, your work here is done…

No. 99 x Joey Bada$$ (Official Video)

Pre-Order B4.D4.$$ on iTunes:


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