It has been 14 years since the voice that changes the female sound of hip hop, R&B, and pop in the 90’s has passed. Today, January 16, we celebrate the birthday of Aaliyah Dana Haughton, she would have been 36 years old. Kelefah Sanneh of The New York Times” dubbed Aaliyah as “a digital diva who wove a spell with ones and zeroes”…”Simple vocal riffs repeated and refracted to echo the manipulated loops that create digital rhythm”.

A Decade in years difference, today also we wish FKA Twigs a Happy 26th Birthday. The Capricorns merged, when FKA Twigs, transformed into a mirror image of Aaliyah in her film “Queen of the Damned”. The emerging visionary, transcends a stoic performance in her “Two Weeks” music video.  However, last week the Grammy Award Nominee, released a visual for “Pendulum”. Its safe to say these two merge on the driven, ambitious, and extended self confidence characteristics. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lovelies.





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