To go from someone working on their craft, to a name that is being ask “Who is She”,  after 10 million people have seen and heard her voice during the Fox premier of ‘Empire”. Timberland’s new artist V. Bozeman, also know as ” That Girl V”, has risen from the shadows after her :44 sec opening clip of her new single “What Is Love?” on the new hit show.

In the early stages of her career she has already worked with greats, such as, CeeLo, Babyface, Polow da Don, and Ester Dean. In a MTV interview, Timberland said:

“What excites me about V is that she is excitement,” … “There’s nobody that you heard of with a tone like her in years. She is a diamond that’s been sitting there, and good ol’ Timbo discovered it. She’s my diamond. And she’s the best vocalist, to me, I’ve seen in years – meaning singing songs that touch your soul. She’s amazing. She’s groundbreaking.”

It’s safe to say this isn’t the last we have heard from this gem.





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