Jhene Aiko, known for leaving trails of her music that inspires you to wonder, mixed and intertwined with her lyrical rambles that insanely make sense, has hit us with another thinker in her latest release of the ‘Spotless Mind’ visual. She first debuted this song at last years Coachella Music & Art Festival, and shortly after released her Album “Souled Out”. Which peaked at No. 1 on the billboard charts.

The visual follows the lyrics “Change is inevitable, Why hold on to what you have to let go of? Like, did I really break your heart?, Was it all my fault? If you don’t knock it off, You know like I know where this was headed, I’m a wanderer”.  As  she timelines a day that seems like several different lives, she changes, however her male counterpart remains the same, in character, and in ways he try to please her. The nomadic, vagabond, attitude leaves her last statement ” Shame on me for changing, Shame on you for staying the same”. Never meeting at the same time, in the same place, cohesive personalities, it is the simple case of 2 people who think they should be together but the timing just isn’t right.

The irony in this visual? Well, her male Counterpart is played by the father of her child, Namiko. O’Ryan is also the brother of singer/songwriter Omarion. Overall we are still hooked to Jhene Aiko’s “Spotless Mind”.


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