WK Wednesday: Mark Ronson Presents Rhymefest ‘Man In The Mirror’ The Tribute

 Man in the mirror cover

Last week, we at WordKrush directed Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Special’, giving it a WordKrush ‘A’ Krush. Since then, His single featuring Bruno Mars ‘Uptown Special’ has moved to the No.3 Spot on the Billboard charts. With in the last week the sample guru has collaborated with Chicago hip hop artist Rhymfest, notably known co-writing the Grammy Winning song, “Jesus Walks” along side fellow hip hop artist Kanye West.

In May of 2014, Ronson explains how Sampling Transformed Music in a Ted Talks Series. This form of production is displayed heavily throughout this collaborative project, where Rhymfest directly converses with the late King of pop, Michael Jackson. Also sampling his music, and adding his lyrical rhymes intertwined with old grooves. Overall this is a well put together project that I hope does not get over looked. The Ep features collars with Talib Kweli, Mary J. Blidge, Ghostface, Wale and Camp Lo. The WordKrush team gives this one an ‘A-‘ Krush.





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