WK: Better Forever, Forever Better, Kim Minnis Releases ‘Friendly Reminder2’ 

Photography By: @anand.vision

Director: Nassar Boulaich

After a year and a month, The Polymath, hip hop rattler comes hard in 2015 with a sequel to ‘Friendly Reminder’. For the lyrical visionary, speed, dialect, and metaphors, are not a problem for the hip hop orlando artist. His wide range learning while storing the knowledge pores from each song he releases.

In ‘Friendly Reminder2’, Kim, takes you on a tour through hip hops many floetic styles, always leaving us with his extra wow factor. His voice crooning over the track…YES Ladies…he sangs! From tapping into Drake, Big Sean, and then reminded of that epic verse from 1998 hip hop artist Juveniles “HA”. #staywoke this year for new music from the “Better Forever, Forever Better” artist. #nocontenders #Dowloadhere #Grade WK: A++++



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