WK: Wondaland Records and Janelle Monae Present “Yoga”


It’s only been a few weeks since visionary and futuristic creative Janelle Monae, announced her partnership with Epic Records, to create Wondaland  Records. “I’m ready to give back. A lot of people help me to get where I am. I felt like there was a void of female business people who know talent when they see it. They are able to see visionary artist. They see something remarkable like Jidenna, I wanted to make sure I was the one leading the way of that,” Monae tells the  Breakfast Club in a recent interview.

Wondaland Records consist of a roster of singer/songwriters that jell so well each sound different but when together is a powerful modern version of waves we haven’t heard in a long time. Jidenna, Roman GianArthur, Deep Cotton, and St. Beauty make up the label that is said to change the cultural shift of music today.

Wondaland Records launched its label with the single “Classic Man” by Jidenna Featuring Roman GianArthur, which has been circulating in our ears for weeks now. But recently Ms. Monae has splashed us with her colorful alter ego and graced us with her latest single “Yoga” Featuring Jidenna, which is sure to be a summertime spin. But don’t sit on this one to long. The Wondaland Compilation EP is due to drop on May 6th, entitled “The Eephus”.  For now marinate on the single “Yoga” here:

WordKrush Grade A++++++


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