It has been 2 years since Beyoncé secretly dropped her self titled album over night and stopped the world! With the ups and downs and all the places that album took you, one of WK’s favorite tracks, which is still in rotation, is “Mine” featuring Drake.

After running through the 6 with his ‘Woes’, Drake is on the verge of dropping his upcoming album “View From The 6” this summer. In a recent Interview, Drake teased his collaboration with Ms. Knowles. Last night, listeners, streamers, and fans, dug to hear the new collaborative track ‘Can I’. You will find Beyoncé’s voice on the slow tempo track intertwined between Drake’s verse, subtle but sweet. Take your first listen here.



“Can I tell you what I think my biggest flaw is, baby?/ I try to be consistent, but I can’t/ Can I have an honest moment wit’ you right now, baby?/ Tell me who the f**k you want to be,” they sing over the mellow beat.” 

In honor of #TBT Watch “Mine” with the WK Family:


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