WK: Who is Kim “Stephons_son”? Interview with WordKrush

-E2PwNL8wWgnS-TYZTJ9UPYBizcn6hhImQ75dUA2ZtoVia @Monhandworks At The Blend Orlando

“To be quite honest I would be honored if you’d acknowledge my inner Artist because all this heart that I harvest has left me nothing to offer” –  Kim, ‘Kim’s Prayer’, Polymath

A year ago I walked into Bullit Bar, checking out a local show as we love to do here at WK. It was packed, wall to wall, ears open, liquor flowing and I heard “from the top, from the top, from the top”. I begin scooting my way to the front trying to squeeze through the vessel holding me back from feeling the vibrations move from my feet to my chest. That was the first time I heard Kim. That moment. That song. I lived. By the time he hit the chorus “The dreams we chasing, the dreams we chasing”, my knees began to bounce, hips began to sway and all of a sudden I began to decipher the message of “The Dreams We Chasing”.

Full circle, a year later I will never miss a performance. To understand such a person with a humble heart and a mind with a message, I truly believe that Kim “Stephons_Son” will leave an impression on this World. Take a look at our behind the wheel convo on “Who is Kim ‘Stephons_Son”.


Via @Monhandworks At The Blend Orlando


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