WK: Karen Civil Inspires The Women of Orlando at The Women’s Empowerment Brunch


711 the day of luck. 7 the numerical number for mystical and spiritual journey, and 11 which numerical represents the master and advisor. It was only fitting that this past Saturday “7-11”, the team of “The Women’s Empowerment Bunch” hosted an eventful luncheon on this day. With 150 women dressed for success, note pads in hand, and ears open for knowledge that will help them to advance there careers, the brunch served up more than just the menu.

 The ladies shuffled into The Casselberry Ball Room, to find the taste of Paris waiting for them. Presented by Ci Dreams Entertainment, The Women’s Empowerment Brunch honered, national publicst Elora Mason, as well as featured guest speakers, CEO of KRS Wealth MGMT Kimberly Stewart, Owners of Tinka’s Closet Carielle Davidson and Catrina Brown, Veronica Valdez, Honey’s Money, and Women’s Empowerment Coach Andromeda Raheem. Hosted by 104.5 The Beat’s own Viva La Koy and Central Florida’s #1 host City, the event was nothing but a success.

Dani Singh Covers Goapele’s Closer

With so much information flowing, the women were amped to listen to the keynote speaker, digital renaissance woman, Ms. Karen Civil. Civil is the brains behind many of the social marketing campaigns for hip hop industries most successful artist, including, FunkMaster Flex, Lil Wayne, and Young Jeezy. She is also the mastermind of marketing for Beats By Dre, and the woman behind the creation of her self brand ‘Live Civil’. The revivalist of social art, and influencer of the media world gave the room of entrepreneurs inspiration to continue on there paths no matter what. To follow their passions, that if she could do it any one could.


“No offense they assume I’m white. I walk into a room and I would be like ‘yup its the black girl’. It was at a point where I used to apologize for it, I used to sit at the end of the table, I used to be quiet, and NO! I’m going to sit right in the middle I’m going to have my opinion, I’m going to engage in the conversation because I have a right to be here just like the next person. It definitely took me a while to realize that”.

“There are always going to be your male counterparts who just feel like, ‘why am I listening to this woman?’, you can have all the greatest ideas, I go through this with all the different companies that I work with. you can have some of the greatest ideas but they don’t want to give you the credit. After a while, I’m like, I am not doing this for credit. I got my paycheck, I know I’m smarter than you. At the this point I don’t really need your praise. My work speaks for itself, and you cant deny it. When you get to a point where they cant deny your work it doesn’t what they feel about you personally.”


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