WK: “I’m not a girl trying to be anything but a Musician” – ‘AMY’ A Powerful Portrait of a Intricate Mind

A riveting display of documentary cinematography. A compilation of personal, still, live footage that showed the growth of a voice the world was not ready for. From the purity of an artistic soul to the falling of a intricate mind. The Asif Kapadia directed film “Amy” displayed a personal look at the London bred musicians short time here on earth. Whinehouse was simple but complicated at the same time. Fueled by her tragic relationships, the bulk of her messages through song were based upon of her personal relationships. It was as if she sang her biography as it played out in her life. With the desire to just sing and create music that was a cultural shift in sound, Amy fell to the temptations of alcohol and drug abuse. The rise to fame was never something that the powerhouse voice wanted. “I’m not a girl trying to be anything other than a musician” -Amy Whinehouse.  

This must see film will answer any question that were left behind after her passing. The portrait gives first hand testimonial from artist such as, Quest Love, Yasin Bey, and Tony Bennett, who understood Whinehouse’s artistry but also her destruction. Testimonials wher also given by her father, Mitch Whinehouse, who was more of an enabler to the star than a parent. Hence the lyric “my daddy thinks im fine” in her all time hit “Rehab”. The film leaves you feeling like you lost a friend that you never knew but loved. Who was “AMY”? A dark portrayal of a bright voice of authenticity. “Amy” is a must see documentary, the life of Star that just wanted to be a creator in the overall constellation.

WordKrush Grade: A+++++++


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