Fashion Vault: Beyonce & Flash Tattoos

Fashion Vernacular Vault: Beyonce x Flash tattoos

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Beyonce designs & co-designs jewelry-inspired temporary tattoo with Flash Tattoo company. This accessory collaboration for lady Bey is OD smart, the price point is on point & it instantly adds a goddess feel once applied to your skin. Beyonce’s Flash Tattoo collection features lyrics from hit songs, “Crazy in Love,” “Flawless,” & “Diva,” to name a few. You can cop the five-sheet, 57 piece pack for $28 at

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I first spotted Flash Tattoos on Bey, karen Civil & Angela Simmons, while on summer vacay a while back via Instagram. It’s the perfect vacation accessory, light and care free, which eventually rubs off and is simply applied with water. As a Gold lover let me start by saying that I adore the idea of Flash Tattoos, what a great way to highlight a women’s funky individuality. I recall walking down the street in Soho to Steve Madden to buy new boots. As I entered the shop I laid eyes on the Flash Tattoo pack, I’m a true sucka for gold I thought as I went through the different designs, anxious to add the temporary tatts to my brown skin. I’ve tried a few other brands but nothing holds as well as the actual Flash Tattoo brand. They’ve got it down to a science as far as it lasting a couple days. I recommend putting it on areas where clothes or jewelry aren’t rubbing, the friction causes it to rub off faster.

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