WK: The Blend Orlando ‘4OXO’ For Orlando By Orlando


When: Saturday, October 17, 2015

Time: 3pm-9pm

Location: The Patio & AERO,

The Blend Orlando Announces ‘4OXO’
At The Patio & Aero
“Creating the Culture we Live in”

(Orlando, Florida) – September 24, 2015 The Blend Orlando today announced their follow up to “The Blend” Pop Up Show, with For Orlando By Orlando. Also known as 4OXO. With their last installation filling up CityArts Factory with 500+ anxious young urban professionals, The Blend Orlando is happy to bring to you a curation installation where music paints art, where paint projects sound, and culture sifts in one boundless expansion of free energy.

On Saturday October 17th, The Patio & Aero, will host the ultimate relationship building phenomenon from 3pm – 9pm. The Blend is known as a “Pop up Shop” installation that will provide local fashion Designers, Painters, Artist, Musicians, Singers and hip hop Lyricist, Producers, and the Orlando media in one continuous flow.

The attendees will gain knowledge and have access to network in a blended environment with the creative elite in the Orlando. The 6 hour experience will host 3 performance rooms, a fashion pop up shop, live paintings, interviews, Art Auction, Dancers and more. The focus is to create a cultural experience while continuing the growth of instilling the importance of these various platforms in our youth.




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