Model Chronicles: Queen Photo-shoot 

Lately soft pink has been a go to color for me, the contrast between the pink tone on my chocolate skin has me feeling like a walking rose quartz.

Currently I am working on The second installment of The Blend & the 2nd annual Beat The Runway at the same time, it’s been a challenge for me & its definitely testing my love for this thing called fashion.

Major love to JERNIPHOTOGRAPHY for these photos, The shoot was Queen themed, the weather was chill and the mood during the shoot was light and relaxing. The more I shoot the more comfortable I become with showcasing who I am. I hope that you all have had lovely weeks : )

Photographed in Winter Park

Outfit Details:

Two piece set: Forever 21

Denim Jacket: Closet Freekz

Choker: Trendsetter Accessories

Earrings: Forever 21 & Aqua(Bloomingdale’s)

Shoes: Shoe Cult






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