WK Music Therapy: Behind 4:44 A.M. with Tyla Yaweh

IMG_5357-0September 29,2015:​ Young up and coming artist, Tyla Yaweh, has made himself a home at Studio 18, where he lives and breathes his music. Dropping his EP “4:44 A.M.” on October 4th, there’s been a bit of hype going on behind the scenes. This project has had a slow and steady arrival of just under a year, we decided to finally sit him down and talk about the meaning behind it all.

Growing up in Orlando, Tyla developed a diverse love for music and art at a very young age. Simply looking at him, you can tell this kid is different. His unique character is captured throughout his music; you find yourself listening to a psychedelic-pop melody that suddenly blends into a trap -trance type beat. He calls it, “A new vibe, a new wave.”

Tyla Yaweh’s music is a direct reflection of him. “I just want to be me one hundred percent of the time,” he spoke with assurance, as he fixed his polka-dot bandana. “This is my life, this is my journey… [I want] people to feel the emotion of: you can do whatever the fuck you want if you attract it.” At only 20 and having toured a good portion of the East Coast with Swamp Posse and Dope Entertainment, you can tell he’s been attracting all the very things he’s put out. Staying dedicated to his music for the past four years, his career has a bright future.

​Tyla’s project, 4:44 A.M. has finally come to completion after nine months of a true community effort between his family at Studio 18 and fellow supporters in the music industry. Ironically, the very artists he looked up to are some of the same people who have become his peers, giving their help with his EP. When we asked him what was the meaning behind the numbers “444” he said it was symbolic for the years he spent dreaming of this lifestyle, with all of his songs matching that same vision; from struggles to growth. “I don’t try to focus on the negative, to be honest. No matter what I just stay focused on why I was put on this Earth… give light and spread light. At the end of the day, we’re still breathing.”

​Connor, the owner of Studio 18, saw potential in Tyla, and decided to run with it, especially the whole team. Tyla goes on to state, “[It’s] constant creativity every day I wake up…. [To] mix with my best friends that are my producers and engineers and still have fun while staying serious.” His face lights up as everyone chimes in on the adventures Tyla had here. “It’s like family…”


By: Madison Carpenter


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