WK PREMIERE: MYTO Studios Brings Kim “Fight Or Flight” Music Video To Life

For the past year Kim has been elevating through the industry. Since his debut EP “The Polymath.” The young fire spitter has been performing and opening up for some of the industries most notable artist including Talib Kweli, and Joey Badass. If you follow Kim, you know that he is simply a complex oracle.

In his latest visual “Fight or Flight” Kim appears as a narrator, or almost as a subconscious that is “reflecting” on a series of events that soon become a “lethal weapon” to “Baby Boy’s” mind. It isn’t until “Baby Boy” gives young “Jody” money for the new “Flights” that the perception of story teller changes. Kim brings to reality that many of us place value on elevating through life with earthly materialism, rather than understanding that love resides and begins with family.

Director David Daudin, draws emotion from his audience through utilizing the relationship between two brothers. The younger brother, “Jody”, who wants to gain praise from his older brother, “baby boy”. Who is engulfed in worldly possessions and self worth.

“Is it true that love resides in wealth, then I pray upon my knees that I never Find.”

It is not until fatality hit that the older brother reflects on the actions that led up to inevitable dissolution. The imagery, shows mental images and symbolism that you “Fight for it, you live for it, you die for it, you cry for it. FAMILY”. Make sure you pay attention, this is only the beginning for KIMBO. Watch “Fight Or Flight” here first and tell us what you think.

“Do not be delicate. be vast and brilliant.”

Title: Fight or Flight: Jody’s Song

Directed by David Daudin

Co-Directed Christopher Gotera

Director of Photography David Revenkov

Produced By: Jove Beats

Engineered By: Damijin Myndz 


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