Get this, Bryson Tiller Signs RCA Instead of OVO ?


With his debut album “ Trap Soul” releasing October 2, 2015, artist Bryson Tiller has made such an impactful growth experience. Just late last year his hit single “Don’t” became an internet sensation. Louisville’s very own has made a name for him self by placing number 12 on Billboard’s 200 list.

It’s pretty hard to go unheard with such talent and drive, goes to show shortly after “Don’t” was dropped Tiller was approached by Drake and 40 ( Noah Shebib ) about signing to OVO . Respectfully declining the offer, Tiller had made his decision by signing to major label RCA.

Tiller goes on to say his reasoning to sign with RCA is simply because of the free reign towards building and sustaining his own personal brand rather then submitting to an independent brand created by Drake where it’s hard to argue other wise. As for his relationship with Drake, he considers him to be a “big brother” and that the “ 6 God” is “the only person I care whether they like my music. “


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