Take an Exclusive Listen to Pharrell’s Bonita Applebum Remix And Tribe Call Quest “PEOPLE’S INSTINCTIVE TRAVELS AND THE PATHS OF RHYTHM”  25th Anniversary Tracklist including Ceelo & J.Cole. 

Lately, we all have been dying to go back to the 90s. Take a look around. Music, Fashion, even slang from the 90s is starting to resurface. So why not revisit the time that, “A Tribe Called Quest” debuted their “PEOPLE’S INSTINCTIVE TRAVELS AND THE PATHS OF RHYTHM,“  with a 25TH anniversary reissue. Yes! its happening and is scheduled to be released on November 13th. While you wait on it take a listen to Pharrell’s smooth remix to “Bonita Applebum,” a fan favorite that is sure not to disappoint you. Happy Listening.

1. “Push It Along”

2. “Luck of Lucien”

3. “After Hours”

4. “Footprints”

5. “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo”

6. “Pubic Enemy”

7. “Bonita Applebum”

8. “Can I Kick It?”

9. “Youthful Expression”

10. “Rhythm (Devoted to the Art of Moving Butts)”

11. “Mr. Muhammad”

12. “Ham ‘N’ Eggs”

13. “Go Ahead in the Rain”

14. “Description of a Fool”


15. “Footprints (Remix)” feat. CeeLo Green

16. “Bonita Applebum” (Pharrell Williams Remix)

17. “Can I Kick It?” (J. Cole Remix)


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