Usher, Nas & Bibi Bourelly Slay the Stage With a Live Performance of “Chains”, Yearning for Justice to be Served

Just a week ago R&B legend Usher premiered his new hit single “Chains” music video  collaborating with artist Nas and Bibi Bourelly on Tidal. As if the concept and content didn’t speak for itself, Usher made sure his message was not only seen or heard but received by challenging all of America to confront the excessive racial injustices that the Black Community faces on a min. to sec. day to year daily basis.

Screenshot 2015-10-21 17.07.30

Creating such a challenge to focus on what’s the now and how can we move forward requires some use of technology enhancing the viewers attention. With emphasis on not looking away from the screen by using advanced facial recognition-technology,  you are intrigued and captured by what is seen on the screen nonetheless leaving a long lasting impression.

Screenshot 2015-10-21 17.08.01

Speaking of impression, last night Usher’s performance on the Tidal’s 1020x Brooklyn Barclay’s stage  alongside Nas and Bibi Bourelly, left the crowd on Jimmy Kimmel Live in such an amenable appreciation as if it was anticipated to happen. Usher enters the stage singing while his hands are in cuffs buried in front of him as Nas and Bibi trail in after him, stressing the awareness of police brutality can’t stop here. Its safe to say it’s just not the black community that is affected by this, but we all are.

Screenshot 2015-10-21 17.07.48


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