The Blend 

The Blend: 4OXO (For Orlando by Orlando) is a collaboration of Music, art & fashion which takes place every four months in Orlando, Florida. For the second installment we featured over 20 artist, 3 stages, over 5 DJ’s and several local street wear brands for the pop up shops. Everyone had a dope ass time to say the least and I’m so proud of my team for what we were able to accomplish.

Saturdaze with The Blend: 4OXO went a little something like this.

Videography: David Daudin  

Mens closet & Trap

Biggest & Baddest

Aero (rooftop) housed majority of the pop up shops and seven performances from 3pm – 9pm, I wanted the vibe on the roof top to be laid back with drinks, hooka and light shopping. With each installment I’m learning how to adapt to each setting to create my own concept of shopping and brand awareness, having a strong background in retail I want to change the way people shop and where they shop. From a chill shopping vibe during the day to a lit rooftop party with performances at night, the scene at the Blend is one to remember. For us it’s more about creating a setting for our culture to vibe and rock to live performances, live art and multiple Dj’s. Stay tuned for the third installment of The Blend.


Rasia’s Nail Addictionz

Cheap Creep

I’d like to personally thank everyone that came out to support the Blend round 2, from our interns, to Hoop Culture, to our attendees and each photographer & videographer that captured the event from their point of view. Thank you!!



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