Houston born spitter, “Raised by hood niggas and good women” runs it back with his Erykah Badu sampled track “03’Malibu”. Juvann raises comparisons between the stresses of life and having your average car problems. Typically when you hear “Malibu” your placed under the impression of sandy beaches, palm trees, and the easy life, however in contrast Juvann throws up bars with ease, despite his problem of no AC, he roasts out several ideas of progressing forward regardless of your current situation. To consume thoughts of the future only brings on exerted tension, that when “given the keys to the kingdom ‘I’ can call him all the time not only when ‘I’ need him”.

“03’ Malibu”, while a placid, relaxing track, is packed full of a powerful message. Lets not forget Oak.Tribes, Kali, coming in with solid vocals, reminding listeners that timing is everything as she croons,”I don’t need this stress, I don’t need this stress yea” and “It ain’t happen yet cause y’all ain’t ready I swear”, over the JimmyD Beatz Production.

Despite sweating through the misery of no AC, thoughts of riding out till the wheels fall off, and moving in silence because your speakers have blown, you have to keep pushing. Through life you have to speak through the silence, be a voice, create the noise. You have pressures that at times raise levels, fears, anxieties that you always can overcome. And you only have one life to live, so do everything you can with your time until you can’t ride anymore. Marcellus Juvann is scheduled to release his LP “The Fall” on November 22nd. Make sure to get in line, this is a “Million Dollar man” with a “Million Dollar Plan”.

Filmed by TVC

Produced by JimmyD Beatz

Engineered by @Traontheboards and @Troublemekkamusic

Mastered by @Troublemekkamusic


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