4OXO (@DamijinMyndz)-20

Big bark, hungry spirit, and his vernacular is a intense compilations of picturesque poetry. Hailing from Kansas City, City Tucker began his musical career at a young age.

“I started out in a poetry slam, school was the first time I was able to express myself. I was able to learn the writing structure of metaphors, double entendres, and versification. I was able to learn haikus and other forms of sentence structure.”  – City Tucker

“CityMustDie,” was Tucker’s first mixtape, which led to opportunities for him to open for Curren$y, and Lil Debbie. On April 20, 2014, Tucker released the “D.A.R.E” Mixtape, which stands for “Drugs Are Really Enticing,”. “D.A.R.E 2” followed up a year later for the young spitta. “Every time I finish a complete project, I think, what could I have done differently, It’s the only way I can keep growing as an artist, anyone can rap but not everyone can paint that canvas.”

It seems as if each completed project, City Tucker keeps pushing the limits. Today he has released his latest EP “Untitled,” and we already have pressed pause, rewind, and play. At yesterday’s listening party, hosted at Kush Lounge in Orlando Florida, City Tucker shared personal experiences and stories to how he wrote this EP. Catch City Tucker performing at the Young & Relentless Festival on January 23rd at Festival Park in Orlando Florida.


“A man walks into a group of 8 people, one man with a sword says,‘you have swords but there just weapons, but you don’t really know how to use them. Mine is a piece of art and I’m going to show  you a masterpiece.’ And that is how I feel about my pen”.  – City Tucker



Photography By:  @DamijinMyndz 


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