WK: F@%! Friday! Dreamville Releases “Revenge of The Dreamers II” LISTEN NOW

Cole is closing out 2015 in a big way as the young N.C lyricist has been Gramminated thrice for his LP “Forest Hills Drive.” Lets not forget the also announced a collab album in Feb, with Kendrick Lamar. In addition he now drops “revenge of the Dreamers II”

Discovered on: GOLDPLAY APP

While we all were awaiting the drop of Dreamville’s compilation album, which was teases between tweets last week, you can now find it on iTunes. With Grammy nominations in, and up for Best Rap Album, J.cole says why make them wait till Friday. The 9songs, 31 minute Ep, comes on the brinks of J. Cole’s HBO Concert premiere January 9th. 


One of the most refreshing voices to hear on the EP is long time Artist Krush, Ari Lennox. With a strong follow up to “Revenge of the Dreamer,”includes Cole’s Dreamville Cohorts Bas, Cozz, Omen, Donnie Trumpet, Lute, and Correy C. 

Click Here Listen to Dreamville’s “Revenge of the Dreamers II” Here and tell us what you think.


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