MUSIC THERAPY MONDAY: Indigo Blak Is Back At It Again With his Erykah Badu Remake “Bag Lady” 


Straight off the Zen Awaking Festival, super human Indigo Blak is mixing up sounds of the terrestrial and exterrestrial universe with his new Erykah Badu remake. The singer, songwriter, producer, jack of all trades has drop some heat with this “Bag Lady” cover. The up tempo contrast to the original track gives life as we bounce around on this music therapy Monday. 

Blak’s production and voice has been gaining praise in the Internet world, as Afropunk was quick to snatch up this fan favorite. Be on the look out for Indigo Blak’s self produced compilation album coming in the new year titled “The Mercury Collective.” The team at WK have received a sneak peek at the project and it is safe to say it is full of surprises and energy to fuel you through the next 365 days. #WK #MusicTherapy #Certified


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