WK: Meet Slo-V & Retro, The Duo Taking Over The “LowerBottom”

It’s no coincidence that Slo-v & Retro’s new EP is  titled,“LowerBottom.” The Miami Duo, from the southern tip of North America, is made up of writers, producers, engineers, and videographers, there is no limit to the capabilities for these two creatives, they do it all. Their success has been greatly amassed as they have gone from local rappers, to local celebrities in the independent music scene.

Slo-V & Retro, use each mixtape as their canvas to paint the pictures of their lives, to tell their stories, the struggles of coming up in such a popular industry. About a month ago the duo dropped their latest project “LowerBottom,” which has surfaced in our Wordkrush office, and it is a cover to cover banger. The project depicts the place of where they grew up, the southern most point of Miami, often called the Lower Bottom. Solely produced by Retro this album will make sure to give their fans a good taste of where these two are from. Take a listen to their latest project below and be sure to drop a comment about what you think. Happy Listening!




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