MUSIC THERAPY: The PreGame Is Over, Philly Duo, No Headliner, Drop “Lingerie & Bottles: Chaptre I”


The Hip Hop & Neo Soul songwriting and performing collaboration, No Headliner, come strong with the followup to their last year mixtape “Lingerie & Bottles:The Prologue,” with “Lingerie & Bottles: Chaptre I.” Taking their time to develop a mix of difference in sound of a coming of age Hip Hop & Neo Soul flavor, this EP has been two years in the making.

No Headliner hail from Philadelphia, and are made up of Jeide Prince, and Chev V. Kaang. Most recognized for their unique sound “No Headliner professes in musical & lyrical aptitude that engages across the generational gap often associated with Hip Hop’s MC culture”. (

In contrast, to what Hip Hop music has come to be known as, No Headliner refrain from surface pleasures and manifest in the root of the art form. From their content, delivery, even down to their dapper drapery, they walk in the direction of positive musical synergy that they are able to display with their interaction with listeners. When they are not crafting up innovative, transcending music, the duo give back to their community through mentorship at the West Philadelphia Community Center through a studio workshop program.

These two are the multidimensional presentation of the voice that artist can have, not only to the masses, but through hand to hand interaction in their backyards. Today, we salute, No Headliner, on this Music Therapy Monday! Happy Vibing!

Listen to their new album “Lingerie & Bottles: Chaptre I” below and make sure to drop a line telling us what you think!

Click Here to Download “Lingerie & Bottles: Chapter I

01 The Dawn (Intro, but skip if you don’t wanna enjoy)

02 Strawberry Lemonade (prod. by Beats With Kwevo)

03 Breakfast Footnote feat. P-Features (prod. by On Point Kings/Beatsmiths)

04 Starburst & Champagne feat. Murph (prod. by O Da Beat Goon)

05 Hook (prod. by O-fficial Beats)

06 Footnotes In The Key Of Truth feat. Sid.Author (prod. by On Point Kings/Beatsmiths)

07 Movin’ feat. Queen Jo & Marquis Wright-Lee (prod. by On Point Kings/Beatsmiths)

08 Conversation feat. LaBre Tyler, Queen Jo & Carrera (prod. by On Point Kings/Beatsmiths)

09 Fall Into Something feat. Art Crichlow, Netousha Monroe, Sid.Author & I-Know Brasco (prod. by Paul Cabbin)

10 Top Shotta feat. Carrera & Hydro X (prod. by On Point Kings/Beatsmiths)

11 Moonfall Footnote feat. Sophia Fury, Shari DuBois & Chris Vance (prod. by On Point Kings/Beatsmiths)

12 Lazy Lights (prod. by Phatdaddy215)

13 Oui, Oui (Yes, in American) feat. AprilFoolChild & The Sophant (prod. by Fasol Beats)

14 *BONUS* Oxygen & Water (prod. by One Tone) PHYSICAL COPY ONLY



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