Music Therapy: Drelue “Breaking Night” EP Is A Must Listen!

breaking night new cover.jpg

The man behind the #IbelieveinOrlando movement, and the 4OXO Elite performer has dropped his first solo EP consisting of 5 songs that will bring life to your existence. Drelue is a singer/songwriter out of the 407 who has invested his time in bringing culture to the brewing city. Just last month the emerging artist was dubbed the winner of #7daysofRnBass music challenge with his single “Do Me Well”. While he is a member of the duo, One North Orange, he has branched out to show his talents on this project.

“The biggest inspiration behind the mixtape was waiting, honestly. I had a lot of late nights alone in the studio. I wanted to take control of my future; it was in those nights that I began creating songs. In the midst of it all, was an ending of a long term relationship, which affected a lot of the emotion and feelings behind the music. But most of all, I wanted to figure out my sound as artist, and who I was. These elements became fuel to making this Ep.”

3Peep the EP below and drop a line telling us what you think.




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