A humble, creatively-driven 24 year old singer, rapper, songwriter and vocal arranger, Roko was born to entertain. Being raised on the small island of St. Thomas assured music would have a remarkable effect on him. Currently an Orlando native, Roko aspires to be a chart topping artist by creating and introducing his unique sound to the world.
Upon hearing Roko Da Riddla your ear drums are caressed by only the most infectious melodies and Caribbean laced vocals. His style is comparable to that of mainstream hip hop but he possess the versatility to create outside of the box for the genres of R&B and Pop. The current sound and reputation Roko intends to pursue is that of a “Pop Rebel”. Pop Rebel can be described as creatively daring. He approaches music and fashion in a way that ensures little to no compromising of his self-expression. He wants to take chances and explore his musical talents in a way that is comparable to artists such as Big Sean and Jeremih. He is more than an artist, he is a living embodiment of of his art.


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