WK: Meet Detroit Spitter Samuel Shabazz!!!


Detroit has been spitting out some of the most raw talent in the Hip Hop industry for years, however no like Samuel Shabazz, the passion behind his presence, mixed with the perfect contrast of turn up and lyrical consciousness. With music in his veins, Shabazz was introduced to the understanding of the music industry at an early age. He is the son of 90s RnB artist Uncle Sam, whose hit “I don’t ever want to see you again,” still resonates as a classic break up song.

Since the beginning of his career, Samuel Shabazz has sharpened his skills through his affiliation with his counterparts and team he has met from Full Sail University and also his creation of his recording label, Aura Recordings. The creativity does not stop there for the young emcee, he also is creator of DopAR clothing, an independent fashion company based in Detroit Michigan, that has spread across America since its birth in 2013. Peep Samuel Shabazz Latest EP “Done Trippin’ For Real” below and drop us a line on what you think.



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