WK: Let Ethiopian Songstress Saba Tug At Your ‘HeartStrings’ In Her New Silent Film

The Ethiopian Songstress from the DMV teams back up with producer Mikeyy of 94sGold to reach into the 4 chambers of the hollow organ we all know can sometimes control your mental state. “‘Heartstrings’ is a record that’s very dear to me, it’s an open apology if you will to the people that have been caught in the crossfire of unintentional wrongdoings.’” Take a trip through DC, as your guide and star of the silent film, Skyla Ruiz, accompanies the musical tone of the visual. The silent film really captures the true innocence of wandering through life without an inclination of what’s to come. Watch the silent film and keep us posted in the comments on what you think?

We give it a  WordKrush +++++.


Saba prod. by Mikeyy of 94sGold

Starring: Skyla Ruiz

Directed & Edited by: Maximilian Shelton

Special thanks to:

Wes Ruiz & Skylight Studios

The Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum

The United States National Arboretum



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