WK Behind The Words: Orlando Singer/Songwriter Pat Woods Talks On Writing “Pressure”

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Its 9:15 on Tuesday May 24, 2016, and Pat Woods is headed to the studio to work with up and coming artist Nicolina. For him, Music is not just something you bob your head to, maybe two step or pop your fingers, it is a time to connect with others. A time to pull from the depths of your heart and share a similar feeling of warmth. Very early in life, Pat Woods recognized that music was all around him. From Singing country duets with his older sister, to watching his Father perform in a band, he began to want to sing and perform his own music.

Coming from the smallest region of America, Rhode Island was never a limitation to the hungry artist. He was able to use his talents and hone in on his massive ability to piece together words to create emotion, sentiment, reaction and response from the human mind, body, and soul.

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“I want to work with people who are coming up, who take pride of creating something”         – Pat Woods

His process begins with listening to instrumentals. Then he begins to hum, sing, and mumble over the harmonies, and melodies forming a concept that is fluid with the energy of the track. His latest written creation “Pressure”, sung by Orlando artist Jeremiah Dabu gives us a sentimental longing for the classic R&B to come back. After a year of constructing “Pressure” Pat Woods realized he needed someone to give the song what it needed. “I wanted to make a song that I could tell a woman I wanted to not only make love to her but to make her feel special, I also wanted to pay homage to my first love and that is R&B”.  Listen to the track carefully for that lay up to the R&B group Pretty Ricky’s “Hotline” in the midst of the track “Pressure”.


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In terms of where Pat Woods sees his future, “I hope that it is a ride of lifetime, I hope that I experience and remain happy through out”.  Listen to “Pressure” below and drop a comment telling us what you think.



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