Welcome to the Sauce Shop: Closet Freekz


Owner: Ashcashmoney

Location: Downtown Orlando, Florida

Apparel: Vinti/Modern

Store Hours: 10 – 5


Hi Fashion Vernacular readers!! It’s been too long since I’ve said my peace but in my defense I’m getting my life in order, one fashion brand at a time. My mission is to support my fellow girl bosses and male bosses of course by curating the Fashion Vernacular Vault and bringing it alive at events like The Blend, 4OXO & Beat The Runway. This post though is for my girl Ashley the owner of Closet Freekz Inc.


It’s hard to believe that two years ago Closet Freekz came onto the Orlando Fashion scene with a store location on the east side. Grabbing the attention of young UCF, Valencia & Full Sail goers. The owner, a young, confident, ambitious, unique dressing woman by the name of Ashley Boiling. I’d say it was her marketing via Instagram that captured me as a loyal client, but her spirit is what would later capture me as a friend.


My style will never be defined and I’m okay with that, but when it comes to the pieces in my closet from Closet Freekz they speak to my character. Any time I step foot into her shop I end up finding a gem to take home and make mine. Her eye and business motto is understood from the moment you $tep into her world. This month I had the pleasure of working with her to celebrate the Grand Opening of her new boutique located Downtown Orlando, Florida. Thanks for reading!



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