Frank Ocean Releases New Visual Album Endless

Right when we were ready to log his album in the long list of Never-Gonna-Happen of Hip-Hop Release dates, Frank Ocean dropped “Endless” a 45 minute prelude to his album Boys Don’t Cry last night on Apple Music.

After some initial confusion as to wether or not these visuals were actually backed by Boys Don’t Cry (they’re not) fans celebrated by blowing every feed every where the fxck up.

Endless is a temporary fix for Ocean junkies and man is it an interesting one.
The entire film is shot in black and white, and, for the most part, shot predominatly from just two  primary camera angles. From a purely visual perspective, it’s honestly a beautiful project to watch. Certain shots seem almost intentionally crafted to look like still photography. The shadows cast darken Ocean’s skin, his melanin accentuated by the stark white room. The set is minimalistic, and so is the end result of Frank’s activity of choice, but we won’t spoil it, just watch. It really is stunning at times.

Musically, it’s a separate sound from previous projects. New sounds, old sounds, all are present. The music compliments the scenery well, and it’s clear this is a project to be experienced, rather than simply heard. Songs are hit or miss, but the fashion, and each outfit, stand out like a silent feature on the track. Video stylist, kudos.

As exciting as the news is, the visuals are limited access; Endless is an Apple Music exclusive.

Watch, and keep an ear to the ground for Boys Don’t Cry, which Apple Music claims will be released this weekend.

Yeah. Okay.


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