Earl Sweatshirt ft Knxwledge – Balance


This track has a huge problem.
There’s not nearly enough of it.

Earl Sweatshirt makes a rare musical appearance on the new track Balance ft Knxwledge. One of the shining stars from the collective-formerly-known-as-Odd-Future, Earl is best known for his 2013 album Doris. Although critically acclaimed, Doris is still largely underrated. It was released within a a year of both J. Cole’s “Born Sinner”, and Kendrick Lamars “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City”. Both albums were considered Goliaths in the realm of hip-hop.

Earl Sweatshirt proves once again that this David can still hold his own against giants, just… when he feels like it. After all, He Don’t Like Shit, He Don’t Go Outside, remember? His sporatic, subtle approach to releasing music is somewhat refreshing; as soon as you start to get lost in the repetition of radio singles, Sweatshirt quietly comes through, like white noise,  a reminder that hip-hop is at it’s core is still an art.

This minute long feature appears as Track 13 on the Adult Swim Singles Series 2016.  Each week, for 25 consecutive weeks, Adult Swim releases a new unique song, customized and curated by the network. Considering the fact that, artists like Flying Lotus  were featured on the networks soundtrack early in their careers, it’s worth the curiosity. The mix is eclectic, so click through for new vibes, but make sure to check out Week 6, a track titled Bomaye ft Joey Purp, by Chicago Emcee Thelonius Martin. It’s one for the boom bap playlist for sure.

Balance is a quick story, but beautifully spoken, over a mellow jazz inspired beat. The narrative of the millennials everyman, even Sweatshirt’s tone seems to reflect the attitude of a generation.

No word on an Earl album, or any future works. This song is one in a long line of Blue Moons from the artist, so don’t wait up.

But, considering how album release dates seem to be among the Odd Future folk, we’re glad we got anything at all.

Edit: BOOP: We were wrong.

– Alma J.


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